Small MOQ customizing service for AMAZON SELLERR

As having got more and more inquiries for customizing service for shoes with small MOQ from the clients having his own stores or onlinestores, as Amazon, Ebay and so on, Advan has been developing new factories that can customize shoes with small MOQ.

Now we are able to customize small MOQ shoes.

For cemented casual sneakers with canvas or PU, microfiber, or leather upper, MOQ can be 200 pairs per color for 6 sizes;
For espadrilles, MOQ can be 200 pairs per color 6 sizes;
For vulcanized shoes, MOQ is still 400 pairs per color for 6 sizes as usual;
For sports style, MOQ is 400 pairs per color ;

Other styles shoes, like business shoes, sandal or slipers, boots are all what we can customizes. 

If send us your business style, or requirements in detail and we are sure we can work together.